Friday, January 3, 2014

Sparkle's Secret Paws Gifts from Spike William!

I got my Secret Paws presents from Spike William the day before Christmas Eve!

It only figures that you-know-who would be right on top of it the moment the box was opened!

Everything was nicely wrapped, plus I got a cool card from Spike!

We each got a present addressed to us personally!

They were all the same thing: A bag of Blue Wilderness Chicken and Duck Treats! Yum!

Since we all had our own bag, we did not have to share!

We also got lots of fun, nippy toys, enough to go around, which meant we didn't have to resort to smacky paws over them!

And my human got these pretty frames and cute page clips!

These were really awesome gifts! Thanks so much, Spike! We are enjoying them all!

Now, somebody just needs to tell Boodie there's nothing left in the box!

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