Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I love it!  I ABSOLUTELY love it! I do.  I really, really do!

What do I love?  Why, I love Secret Paws, of course.

This was the first time for me to participate in Secret Paws and boy-oh-boy am I ever glad that I did.  Openin' up my prezzies from Loupi & Zorro over at the Swiss Cat Blog was such fun.  It was such fun, I tell you!   

Of course, gettin' mail at any time is a treat but gettin' such a lovely parcel with such amazin' toys is a fantastic treat, for sure.  And there were treats!  Yup, there was a package of treats for all us cats and a box of treats - chocolates - for the peeps.  Very good chocolates, too, I am told.

My brother Seville was right in there, helpin' me open the prezzies.  He had a lot of fun, too.  He still is, in fact.  See that lovely blankie Loupi & Zorro sent with the paw prints? Well...  Seville, Rushton and I have all been takin' turns nappin' on it, in front of the Christmas tree, with Christmas music playin' for our entertainment.  It's a very comfy blankie, for sure.

I love each and every one of the prezzies Loupi & Zorro sent.  What great Secret Paws they were.  I blogged all about my Secret Paws stuff in my post, "I got mail?" which can be found by clickin' on the post name.  

Thank you Loupi!  Thank you Zorro!  Thank you for the wonderful prezzies!!!

Thank you Kizzie from the amazin' blog, Kizzie Cat for allowin' me the great honour of bein' your Secret Paws.  Sure am glad you enjoyed the nip toys.  It's good stuff, that nip.  Grown organically and everythin'. I wish I had done a better job at bein' your Secret Paws but you know...  it's all the peep's fault.  That peep of mine so should have included a card. MOUSES!

A very, very special thank you to the cats and peeps over at Sweet Purrfections for organizin' this wonderful event.

...And now, for your viewin' pleasure, some more pictures of me playin' with my new toys from Loupi & Zorro.



  1. Have a fabulous 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kisses!!!!

  2. Looking forward to Secretpaws 2014! :)


  3. oh you got some great stuff! Enjoy!!

  4. Great Secret Paws package. We're glad you participated in Secret Paws this year.