Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Thank you to the Cherry Cat Kitties  for our Secret Paws this year!

Just a few pics of Henry and I enjoying the goods!

Henry looking
After nip

All the goods


For Mommy in memory of Rosie

Thank you soooooo much Cherry City Kitties and Mom!!

Friday, January 3, 2014

We love our Secret Paws presents!

Hi everyone,

Charlemagne, Tamar and Mal here.  We've been busy enjoying our presents and helping Momma with the camera and the computer - they have both been kind of slow.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Baby, Lucky and Abby!  We were so excited to get our package from you and we hope that you are staying warm and safe in Michigan this winter.  Brrrrr!

Here's a picture of us (Charlemagne - the white and gray fluffy boy - and Tamar - the brown stripey girl) checking out the box when it arrived.

And this is me (Mal - the little brother kitty) checking it out on my own.  Wow, it came a long way to get to us.

What is in the box?  I'm busy pulling stuff out to see what I got!  

Hmmm - maybe I can get my head in the box to get it all out?

This says it's a card for Little Brother - that's me, right?  But, wait, I'm going to open a present first and I'll come back to the card.

Oh, lookie!  It's treats and nip!  My absolute favoritest combination of things in the world!  (Well, next to Momma and Daddy, anyway.)

The card says it's actually for the little human brother.  Since it's not something I can eat, I'll be nice and make sure that he gets it.  That was sure nice of our friends to remember him at Christmas!  What's next, Momma?

Yay - it's more food!  I love food!  I'm a rescue boy who lived outside by myself for about 6 months when I was little and I'm always afraid that there won't be enough food.  Not that it's a problem now - Momma and Daddy and Little Human Brother make sure that I get plenty to eat and lots of yummy treats and cuddles.

Momma, I think this one is for you.  I'm not supposed to have chocolate.  Momma Rhonda, Baby, Lucky and Abby remembered you, too!

Thank you so much for all of the nice presents!  Mrrrrpp, meow!  I'll turn it over to my big brother and sister.  They did their presents together - like they do most things.

Wow, look at all of the nice presents!  They wrapped everything so nicely for us - that's really special and makes it feel so Christmas-y!

And look, there's a card, Tamar!  It's got such a cute kitten on it.

Aren't our friends sweet to send us such a nice card?  It's nice to know that there are other non-blogging kitties out there and that they get to read kitty blogs, too.  Momma's talked with us about a blog, but we know that she has so much to do just to take care of us, Daddy and Little Human Brother (besides her day hunting place), that we said it was okay to not have one.  We want her to have time to play with us!

Tamar - look!  It's a new laser pointer!  Yippee!!! Let's get Daddy to come put it together right now!

Look, Charlemagne, I got my very own laser pointer!  Now, we don't have to share and I can jump while you're playing chase.  Yay!

Oh my goodness - there are even more presents!  We'd better get busy, Charlemagne.

Two kinds of treats and a new nip toy!  Wow - we're going to have fun tonight.  And a bunch more nights......

And there were even more treats!  Plus a yummy appetizer, too.  We must have been very good kitties this year, Tamar.  I only hissed at Mal a little, even though I keep hoping Momma kept the receipt to take him back.  

Thank you so much, Baby, Abby and Lucky and Momma Rhonda!  I know I look a little grumpy in my picture, but it's hard for Momma to get a good picture of me (Mal).  I keep walking toward the camera.  I loved my presents!

Thank you, Lucky, Abby and Baby and Momma Rhonda!  I can't wait to play with my new laser pointer and eat my treats!

Thank you, Abby, Baby and Lucky and Momma Rhonda!  You helped us to have a really nice Christmas and we appreciate you thinking of our Momma and our Human Little Brother, too!

We hope that you had a Meowy Christmouse and that you had a Purry New Year!

Sparkle's Secret Paws Gifts from Spike William!

I got my Secret Paws presents from Spike William the day before Christmas Eve!

It only figures that you-know-who would be right on top of it the moment the box was opened!

Everything was nicely wrapped, plus I got a cool card from Spike!

We each got a present addressed to us personally!

They were all the same thing: A bag of Blue Wilderness Chicken and Duck Treats! Yum!

Since we all had our own bag, we did not have to share!

We also got lots of fun, nippy toys, enough to go around, which meant we didn't have to resort to smacky paws over them!

And my human got these pretty frames and cute page clips!

These were really awesome gifts! Thanks so much, Spike! We are enjoying them all!

Now, somebody just needs to tell Boodie there's nothing left in the box!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I love it!  I ABSOLUTELY love it! I do.  I really, really do!

What do I love?  Why, I love Secret Paws, of course.

This was the first time for me to participate in Secret Paws and boy-oh-boy am I ever glad that I did.  Openin' up my prezzies from Loupi & Zorro over at the Swiss Cat Blog was such fun.  It was such fun, I tell you!   

Of course, gettin' mail at any time is a treat but gettin' such a lovely parcel with such amazin' toys is a fantastic treat, for sure.  And there were treats!  Yup, there was a package of treats for all us cats and a box of treats - chocolates - for the peeps.  Very good chocolates, too, I am told.

My brother Seville was right in there, helpin' me open the prezzies.  He had a lot of fun, too.  He still is, in fact.  See that lovely blankie Loupi & Zorro sent with the paw prints? Well...  Seville, Rushton and I have all been takin' turns nappin' on it, in front of the Christmas tree, with Christmas music playin' for our entertainment.  It's a very comfy blankie, for sure.

I love each and every one of the prezzies Loupi & Zorro sent.  What great Secret Paws they were.  I blogged all about my Secret Paws stuff in my post, "I got mail?" which can be found by clickin' on the post name.  

Thank you Loupi!  Thank you Zorro!  Thank you for the wonderful prezzies!!!

Thank you Kizzie from the amazin' blog, Kizzie Cat for allowin' me the great honour of bein' your Secret Paws.  Sure am glad you enjoyed the nip toys.  It's good stuff, that nip.  Grown organically and everythin'. I wish I had done a better job at bein' your Secret Paws but you know...  it's all the peep's fault.  That peep of mine so should have included a card. MOUSES!

A very, very special thank you to the cats and peeps over at Sweet Purrfections for organizin' this wonderful event.

...And now, for your viewin' pleasure, some more pictures of me playin' with my new toys from Loupi & Zorro.


Our Secret Paw by The Florida Furkids

Our Secret Paw was Caren and  Cody from Cat Chat with Caren and Cody..

Look Ellie....it's our Secret Paw present......

OMC look at all these toys...sparkly toys, springy toys and TREATS!  Super delicious TREATS!

Hey look....there's something for Mom and a cool toy for Cubby too......

And this BOX......Oh My Cod.....it's wonderful!!

Hey Ellie....look at these peacock fev-vers....aren't they the best?  We can nom on them together if Mom ever gets them apart for us.

Look at how proudly Cubby is showing off his gifts - including the fantastic present Caren and Cody sent him...

Many thanks to Caren and Cody.....you helped make our Christmas extra special....we loved all our presents.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Our Secret Pawz am Pawsome

Lil Bear checks out prezziez
Hiya!  Dis Am Lil Bear. Us kits gots to open our prezziez on Caturday and Sunnyday!  Dats waz da fourth day and fifth day of Chrissymouse.
Our Secret Paw am Jobi and Fisher & Scooter, Alice and Russell of Ask Fisher. = Dis am the link to their new blog. We gots lots of yummies and everyone gotted a new toy!
Kitty Bracelet

And the Mom gotted a bracelet wif lots of kittiez on it.  And a whacky calendar too.  There waz something fur everyone!
Joey finds his Prezzie
Joey knew just which prezzie waz his! He circled the bed of prezzies and picked his up.  Mom opened it fur him and he wanted to play with it right away.

Catnip toy!
My prezziez was this wonderful braid.  As soon as Mom opened up my Prezzie, I ranned off wif it!  I loves my braid! Doobie got one too.  Joeys sisters gotted springies which  sprung under the bed!

Nana's kitty, Bibi loves her Prezzie and loved the Pounce treets.  And she usually doesn't like anything.  Tommy and my other cousins gotted a cat dancer.  Katie, Bootsie and Max gotted toys too... And everyone gotted yummy treets!  Katie, Max and Bootsie love crunchy temptations. After everyone played with their toys, we all decided to share.

Here am some more photos.  Mom sayz we be sharing on Wordless Wednesday fur weeks to come!  Please keeps Jazpurr in your purrz as him am having a furry bads cold and taking antibiotics.  Hims nose am really stuffed up and him not interested in eating.

Bibi Loves her catnip toy
Thankful Purrs and Lots of Meowz,
Angel's Lil Bear.

On the Sixth Day Chrissymouse, my Mommy gave to me...
6 scratching posts
5 Ball Track Toyz!!
4 Greenie Treetz
3 Balls of String
2 Bouncy Balls
and a Mousey Filled Wif Catnip!!!!

Whacky Calendar and Kitty Bracelet
Jobi am an Artist just like Mom