Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I love it!  I ABSOLUTELY love it! I do.  I really, really do!

What do I love?  Why, I love Secret Paws, of course.

This was the first time for me to participate in Secret Paws and boy-oh-boy am I ever glad that I did.  Openin' up my prezzies from Loupi & Zorro over at the Swiss Cat Blog was such fun.  It was such fun, I tell you!   

Of course, gettin' mail at any time is a treat but gettin' such a lovely parcel with such amazin' toys is a fantastic treat, for sure.  And there were treats!  Yup, there was a package of treats for all us cats and a box of treats - chocolates - for the peeps.  Very good chocolates, too, I am told.

My brother Seville was right in there, helpin' me open the prezzies.  He had a lot of fun, too.  He still is, in fact.  See that lovely blankie Loupi & Zorro sent with the paw prints? Well...  Seville, Rushton and I have all been takin' turns nappin' on it, in front of the Christmas tree, with Christmas music playin' for our entertainment.  It's a very comfy blankie, for sure.

I love each and every one of the prezzies Loupi & Zorro sent.  What great Secret Paws they were.  I blogged all about my Secret Paws stuff in my post, "I got mail?" which can be found by clickin' on the post name.  

Thank you Loupi!  Thank you Zorro!  Thank you for the wonderful prezzies!!!

Thank you Kizzie from the amazin' blog, Kizzie Cat for allowin' me the great honour of bein' your Secret Paws.  Sure am glad you enjoyed the nip toys.  It's good stuff, that nip.  Grown organically and everythin'. I wish I had done a better job at bein' your Secret Paws but you know...  it's all the peep's fault.  That peep of mine so should have included a card. MOUSES!

A very, very special thank you to the cats and peeps over at Sweet Purrfections for organizin' this wonderful event.

...And now, for your viewin' pleasure, some more pictures of me playin' with my new toys from Loupi & Zorro.


Our Secret Paw by The Florida Furkids

Our Secret Paw was Caren and  Cody from Cat Chat with Caren and Cody..

Look Ellie....it's our Secret Paw present......

OMC look at all these toys...sparkly toys, springy toys and TREATS!  Super delicious TREATS!

Hey look....there's something for Mom and a cool toy for Cubby too......

And this BOX......Oh My Cod.....it's wonderful!!

Hey Ellie....look at these peacock fev-vers....aren't they the best?  We can nom on them together if Mom ever gets them apart for us.

Look at how proudly Cubby is showing off his gifts - including the fantastic present Caren and Cody sent him...

Many thanks to Caren and Cody.....you helped make our Christmas extra special....we loved all our presents.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Our Secret Pawz am Pawsome

Lil Bear checks out prezziez
Hiya!  Dis Am Lil Bear. Us kits gots to open our prezziez on Caturday and Sunnyday!  Dats waz da fourth day and fifth day of Chrissymouse.
Our Secret Paw am Jobi and Fisher & Scooter, Alice and Russell of Ask Fisher. = Dis am the link to their new blog. We gots lots of yummies and everyone gotted a new toy!
Kitty Bracelet

And the Mom gotted a bracelet wif lots of kittiez on it.  And a whacky calendar too.  There waz something fur everyone!
Joey finds his Prezzie
Joey knew just which prezzie waz his! He circled the bed of prezzies and picked his up.  Mom opened it fur him and he wanted to play with it right away.

Catnip toy!
My prezziez was this wonderful braid.  As soon as Mom opened up my Prezzie, I ranned off wif it!  I loves my braid! Doobie got one too.  Joeys sisters gotted springies which  sprung under the bed!

Nana's kitty, Bibi loves her Prezzie and loved the Pounce treets.  And she usually doesn't like anything.  Tommy and my other cousins gotted a cat dancer.  Katie, Bootsie and Max gotted toys too... And everyone gotted yummy treets!  Katie, Max and Bootsie love crunchy temptations. After everyone played with their toys, we all decided to share.

Here am some more photos.  Mom sayz we be sharing on Wordless Wednesday fur weeks to come!  Please keeps Jazpurr in your purrz as him am having a furry bads cold and taking antibiotics.  Hims nose am really stuffed up and him not interested in eating.

Bibi Loves her catnip toy
Thankful Purrs and Lots of Meowz,
Angel's Lil Bear.

On the Sixth Day Chrissymouse, my Mommy gave to me...
6 scratching posts
5 Ball Track Toyz!!
4 Greenie Treetz
3 Balls of String
2 Bouncy Balls
and a Mousey Filled Wif Catnip!!!!

Whacky Calendar and Kitty Bracelet
Jobi am an Artist just like Mom

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Our Secret Paws

The Mom finally let us open our Secret Paws package on Christmas Day!  Hers made us wait an entire week before we could open it, even though we really wanted to see what was in it!

Carmine: It's time to open our Secret Paws box! Me wonders what's in it.

Milita: I think we should open this one first.

Jewel: This fish bowl looks like lots of fun!!

Carmine: Look at all the pawsome prezzies we got!!!  

Our Secret Paws were Maxwell, Allie, and Faraday from A Tonk's Tail...err, Tale!!  Thank you sooo much again, friends for the fantastic package!!

You can see lots more fun photos of us opening our package at our blog, Fur Everywhere.

Thank you, Mom Paula, for organizing this great event!!  We enjoyed participating so very much!

Our secret paw!

Omc, it's time to open it! Come on Humom! I don't have any claws! Get dis box opens puurrlease.

Holy Cod, look at all dis pawsome stuff! Fank you so furry much to our furriends at http://seabasscat.com Harvey, Lowenstein, Evelyn, Dottie and Angel Seb!

Do I has to share wif Deene and Elena? 

Ok I guess Deene can has that mousie, rest is mine, K?

MOL Elena likes dis mousie best! She ran off downstairs wif it.

Come visit us on our blog fur more photos =^_^=

Friday, December 27, 2013

Silver's picture

Mickey Mouser is a wonderful art assistant, although he can take over the drawing board at times.

Here's Silver in the "Lucky Cat" maneki neko pose. Happy New Year, Silver!

Shhh Dont Tell Mom we know.

Shhh.... dont tells Mom or Lil Bear dats me and Joey know her gotted the Secret Paw box!  Her borrowed Nana's car yesterday and gotted all da mail from the post office.

When her came back, Joey followed her into the bedroom where she hidded the box. He purrtended to be looking fur a catnip toy...

Me and Joey finks her am going to surprise us tomorrow or Sunnyday with all the prezzies.  We heard Mom say dats dis am furry weird to haves Chrissymouse in the middle of the week. Dat Chrissymouse awta be on da Weekend!

Soooo.... dont tells Mom or the other kittiez dats we knowz... Fur som of us, dis am our Furry Furst Chrissymouse. Joey and me wants to keep dis speshul even if our prezzie opening day wont be on the Furst Day of Chrissymouse... will keep you posted furry soon and tells you who our Santa Paw am!

Purrz of Meowy Chrissymouse and Mew Yearz,

I-Love Lulu.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Silver's 1st Secret Paw!

Hey Guys,

Look at all the goodies I got from Ms. Maggie from shelter-cats!

presents kitty
I Love it!

purfect box
this box is purfect!

all mine
love the tissue paper, and the treats, and the picture, and the tunnel, and the catnip, and the lickstick, and the cat toy, and the drawing of me is pawsome!

gift me
Thank You! I wanted to wrap myself and make mommy mail me back to you guys~

I Love x'mas~ 

Thank you so much!


The Island Cats Secret Paws!

Hi everybuddy!  Ernie here!  We're so excited to be pawticipating again in Secret Paws.  This year, our Secret Paws were Smokey, Tanner and Ollie from Four Crazy Cats!  What's really funny is that we were their Secret Paws this year, too!

On Christmas morning, we finally got to open our Secret Paws package.

Look at all these nicely wrapped presents, Wally!
Hurry up, mom, and unwrap them for us!

Check out all the fun stuff we got!  A cardboard scratcher...a nip cigar AND a nip carrot...some crinkly balls...a pawbreaker...some more nip toys...Greenies, our favorites...and a cool feather toy!  Even the mom got some candy and a kitty notepad!

Thanks, Smokey, Tanner and Ollie!  We LOVE everything in our Secret Paws package!

If you guys wanna see more of our Secret Paws presents, visit our blog by clicking HERE.

Thanks again to Mom Paula and Truffle and Brulee for organizing Secret Paws this year.  We had so much fun!

We love all our Secret Paws gifts!

 Holy carp!  Our Secret Paws package from Toffee was overflowing with presents!

We are really set for a long time with all these goodies!  Thank you, once again, Toffee!  Mom is still looking for two of the letters that fell off during shipping on our home made stocking.  On our blog today there are more pictures.

Thank you, Mom Paula, for all your hard work putting together another year of Secret Paws fun for us all!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Our gift from across the border..

Last year I stumbled upon a "secret Santa for cats' called Secret Paws.  This year I was lucky enough to be gotten by The Critters in the Cottage.  The gift arrived a while ago but I had way too much going on to give it the proper respect, so I decided to wait until Christmas. (as I said before, it hung out in the microwave for a few days as I had no idea what The Crew would break into it on their own)

They were very generous and The Crew was well pleased.  I didn't have the heart to tell them they weren't going to keep it all and that they would end up sharing with me and the foster kittens.. They won't even notice they don't get to eat the chocolate and that some of the toys will mysteriously disappear since they got a few of their own from myself and my husband.

With out further ado..

Thank you so much!!

And once again thank you Paula for all the hard work you do putting this together!

Our Secret Paw Gift - from Across the Pond!!

We got to meet a new blogger we'd never known before - it's Kizzie Cat and they live in England! We're so excited to meet a new friend!!

See? It has a Royal Mail stamp on it. And Faraday says since his name is first, he calls dibs.
CLEARLY my name is first.

"Wait, Maxie, I get to go first!"

Maxwell: "Look, they hope we all enjoy the season. Isn't that nice?"

Our presents came in this way cool fish! Is this a British tradition?
We like!

Allie: Pardon me while I snag the PINK toy...

Mommy, look! It matches my eyes!

"SQUEEE! String, too! I totally see why you love it, Kizzie!"

That's close enough. This mousie is not for humans.

Faraday: Look! Allie, you have a pink hat. And it moooooves....

Mousie agility test: PASS

Mommy got these cool Keep Calm Hanukkah magnets. She LOVES them!!

Maxwell: Since chocolate isn't good for kitties, this must
be for you, momma. How nice of Kizzie!

Thanks doods! I even love the wrapper they came in!
We thank Kizzie and her humans so very much for thinking of us and for their gracious gift.

Three kitties (and their mom) are loving all this largesse!

Purrs, Maxwell, Faraday and Allie -- and Lisa, too :-)