Monday, December 30, 2013

Our Secret Pawz am Pawsome

Lil Bear checks out prezziez
Hiya!  Dis Am Lil Bear. Us kits gots to open our prezziez on Caturday and Sunnyday!  Dats waz da fourth day and fifth day of Chrissymouse.
Our Secret Paw am Jobi and Fisher & Scooter, Alice and Russell of Ask Fisher. = Dis am the link to their new blog. We gots lots of yummies and everyone gotted a new toy!
Kitty Bracelet

And the Mom gotted a bracelet wif lots of kittiez on it.  And a whacky calendar too.  There waz something fur everyone!
Joey finds his Prezzie
Joey knew just which prezzie waz his! He circled the bed of prezzies and picked his up.  Mom opened it fur him and he wanted to play with it right away.

Catnip toy!
My prezziez was this wonderful braid.  As soon as Mom opened up my Prezzie, I ranned off wif it!  I loves my braid! Doobie got one too.  Joeys sisters gotted springies which  sprung under the bed!

Nana's kitty, Bibi loves her Prezzie and loved the Pounce treets.  And she usually doesn't like anything.  Tommy and my other cousins gotted a cat dancer.  Katie, Bootsie and Max gotted toys too... And everyone gotted yummy treets!  Katie, Max and Bootsie love crunchy temptations. After everyone played with their toys, we all decided to share.

Here am some more photos.  Mom sayz we be sharing on Wordless Wednesday fur weeks to come!  Please keeps Jazpurr in your purrz as him am having a furry bads cold and taking antibiotics.  Hims nose am really stuffed up and him not interested in eating.

Bibi Loves her catnip toy
Thankful Purrs and Lots of Meowz,
Angel's Lil Bear.

On the Sixth Day Chrissymouse, my Mommy gave to me...
6 scratching posts
5 Ball Track Toyz!!
4 Greenie Treetz
3 Balls of String
2 Bouncy Balls
and a Mousey Filled Wif Catnip!!!!

Whacky Calendar and Kitty Bracelet
Jobi am an Artist just like Mom


  1. Ohhhh I LOVE that bracelet!! You sure got some good stuff! Jobi really knows kitties and their pawrents.
    It looks like I am the only one left (I think) that wasn't blogged about. Nervous they didn't like our stuff :(