Wednesday, December 18, 2013

It arrived last Sunday?!!!

Mitalee , " Our package from the Colehaus Cats arrived last Sunday and Daddyman forgot to tell efurryone! DADDYMAN! Where's your head? the clouds looking for Santa?! Yikes :p

We opened our package this afternoon and unwrapped all things marked Nom Noms and Yummies but we will open the other surprises on Christmas day since we couldn't rouse Esme from her afternoon nap! We noticed right away that the gifts were wrapped in tissue paper...Esme's personal weakness and rustled , crinkled and batted it in the hopes of waking her but to no avail! So we have to save some for her to open on Christmas day. Thank you so much  Maxx, Miss Newton , Tessa , Pia , Quint , Olivia , Ruby , Erinn and the Nibblets. And of course a very big thank you to your very generous and very thoughtful Mama, Carole. We will blog about the remaining contents of our Christmas parcel on our blog after Christmas :) "

 Malou and Levon , " What's this?! What's this?!"

 Malou , " Green ribbon! How prettyful!"

 Isadora, " The Colehaus Cats even remembered the puppies! How sweet is that? Very!"

Issa , " Those gingerbread treats were very yummy. I am very cute and adorable. Please give me more!"

 Mitalee, Malou, Levon, " We have never tried Temptations treats before! LP gave us one each to try, then , two, three, four, five, six, and even more! We couldn't stop gobbling them up!"

Mitalee, " I don't usually like treats. Temptations treats where have you been all my life? Please sir...Can I have more?!!"

Thank you Colehaus Cats. We love you!

the critters in the cottage xo


  1. You've never had Temptations!?! Wow! You don't know what you've been missing.

  2. we are glad you are saving some of the fun for Esme :)

  3. Yippee! Your package arrived! We were thinking of you, Esme, when we picked the crinkly tissue paper. And cute puppies? How could we not think of you too? Malou and Levon, remember to share! Thanks for reporting so well, Mitalee! Sending our best Christmas nosetaps and gentle purrs to every critter in the cottage!

  4. that is super cool that they thought of the puppies too! Now that's thoughtful!