Sunday, December 22, 2013

Katiez Furry Mewz - We gotted snowed In

Now the Truck am Broke

After mom took Uncle Mike to works dis morning, the truck that Mom drives (it am Uncle Mike's too...) broke on the highway and had to be towed back to Uncle Mike's house.  Thats two not working...  So may not get to postie office today.  =^..^=  ====================================

Hello Secret Paw folks... just pawsing to let you know that the Mom hasn't been able to get to the post office yet to see if our prezzie has arrived.  Uncle Mike's car am broke and we hads lots of snows over the weekend.  The Mom hopes to go to the postie office tomorrow and we'll update this postie and let you know if the box am there!

Tree has colored lights
The Mom said dis am my furry furst Chrissymouse and the furry furst Chrissymouse for my cousins, Lulu, Annie, Joey and Laurabelle too!  Weze gots a furry small tree dat lites up wif difurrent colorz.  Mom and Uncle Mike will puts that up on Chrissymouse Eve and I gets to tells you all abouts our Prezzies on Chrissymouse!  But Mom said I will have to share... 

Purrz and Meowz,  Lil Bear.

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  1. don't feel bad. We don't have our Secret Paws present and the one we sent hasn't arrived either :(