Friday, December 27, 2013

Shhh Dont Tell Mom we know.

Shhh.... dont tells Mom or Lil Bear dats me and Joey know her gotted the Secret Paw box!  Her borrowed Nana's car yesterday and gotted all da mail from the post office.

When her came back, Joey followed her into the bedroom where she hidded the box. He purrtended to be looking fur a catnip toy...

Me and Joey finks her am going to surprise us tomorrow or Sunnyday with all the prezzies.  We heard Mom say dats dis am furry weird to haves Chrissymouse in the middle of the week. Dat Chrissymouse awta be on da Weekend!

Soooo.... dont tells Mom or the other kittiez dats we knowz... Fur som of us, dis am our Furry Furst Chrissymouse. Joey and me wants to keep dis speshul even if our prezzie opening day wont be on the Furst Day of Chrissymouse... will keep you posted furry soon and tells you who our Santa Paw am!

Purrz of Meowy Chrissymouse and Mew Yearz,

I-Love Lulu.

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  1. Your secret is safe with us. Hope you had a good one! Purrs...