Saturday, December 14, 2013

My Secret Paws Package Arrived!

Oh me, oh my am I ever excited!  Yesterday the postman brought a BIG box to my house and it was for ME (and my Mom of course)......AND when Mom opened it up she discovered it was from my Secret Paws friend who just so happens to be a SUPER GOOD friend of mine already!  King Spitty!!  Woo Hoo!  Mom won't let me see any of the presents in the box until Catmas BUT she did let me have a sniff inside and I'm sure there's some way great stuff in there......there was some pretty tissue with sparkles on top of all the presents  and those of you who know me know I LOVE tissue.  Mom wasn't fast enough closing the box before I nabbed two sheets of the tissue to play with and add to my "tissue pile". 

Well Spitty I love the tissue and I just know Mom and I will love the presents too!  THANK YOU TO MY SECRET PAWS BUDDY.....I'll post more photos when we open the goodies up.....

Holiday Hugs from your Pal Sammy


  1. oh looks at all the fun pink and blue stuffs! Dats a good present, crinkly paper!

  2. Hey Sammy, we visited your blog fur the furst time and we liked it a lot... We saw how to share the blog, but couldn't figure out how to comment though... Meowy Chrissymouse, Katie Kat.

    1. Hi Katie Kat! My blog is "dressed up" for the holiday and looks different than it will after Christmas BUT if you open my blog you'll see the date on the left side of the page with a round spot UNDER the date with a number in it...that's how many comments have been made and if you click that number it takes you to comments!!!!!

      Hope you'll visit me again - it's nice to meet new friends!

      Holiday Hugs, Sammy

  3. YAY Sammy! We love Spitty too! We do think your Mom should let you open those no later than Christmas Eve though...just sayin.........

  4. tissue paper is a good teaser until you are allowed to open the other presents

  5. Miss Caren I'm gonna tell Mom what you said...maybe she'll listen to YOU cuz she won't listen to ME! You're right Random Felines about that tissue - it's super fun to play with until I get the REAL STUFF out of the box!!