Sunday, December 15, 2013

Our Secret Paws Package is Here!

Our Secret Paws package got been here before we even sent ours out, so we had to wait to open the gifts. But we're almost ready! Well, we've been ready since the day it arrived, but somepeep didn't let us into it the moment the man in blue shorts dropped it off. How could she resist these packages? They have cats on the wrapping paper!


They're from our Secret Paws organizers with the mostest, Truffle and Brulee at Sweet Purrfections.

Newton with Truffle and Brulee Card

We know that Mom Paula has had so much going on with travel and now surgery (get well soon, Mom Paula!), so we really appreciate her finding time to help Truffle and Brulee get these amazing-smelling gifts packaged up for us. How do we know that Mom Paula helped? Because we haven't seen photos of Truffle or Brulee with tape on them from sealing up the box, of course!

We're going to unwrap our gifts tomorrow over on our blog because we are WordPress cats, and writing a long post on Blogger would take us until after New Year's Day. But we wanted to post here to give a big thank you to Truffle, Brulee, and Mom Paula for making the holidays extra-bright for all of us here on the blogosphere.

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