Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A surprise parcel

SP13 paquetLook at what the mailman has just brought ! There, for us, you see this package in our name from the United Kingdom ?
Our Santa Claws, or rather our Santa Mothers of Secret Paws are…. Hannah et Lucy ! 

SP13 ouvrirSP13 deballer
SP13 cadeaux

We need Claire’s help to unpack the package. Go, open fast !…  Wow ! There are so many great things inside : greedy food packs with tuna flavor and chicken flavor that we are delighted to taste, and full of toys ! Mice of sisal, a mouse more true than nature which squeaks when we knock it down, a crinkling butterfly with catnip, an enormous mouse stocked with feathers and flavored with catnip, with a texture perfectly studied to plant our fangs inside, and a ball with tails (with catnip also).

SP13 1
L : – The Tons of Tails, I love it, it’s for me !
Z : – It is brilliant all these toys ! Oh, that squeaks, did you hear Loupi ? And this attractive butterfly oh, oooh, catniiiiiip ! Yeaaaaah! Let’s attack the mouse with feather !
L : – You annoy me Zorro, be going to play somewhere else !

SP13 2SP13 3SP13 4

Thank you, thank you very much Hannah and Lucy, your presents are really cool !


  1. oh I saw that when it was posted! What great prezzies from Hannah and Lucy!

  2. oh what goods fun! Hannah and Lucy am the bestest We hopes dats our prezzies from the Dad got to our secret paw too... the Dad furgot to wrap them... silly dad. Katie Kat at Katiez Furry Mewz.

  3. What wonderful presents from Hannah and Lucy! This time of the year is so exciting!

  4. what great prezzies!! Pawsome!