Thursday, December 19, 2013

Our Secret Paws arrived!

Thanks so much Crepes, Rocky, Niles, Mrs Peabody and Doodle from Cat in the Fridge for our awesome Secret Paws gift!

Huggy Bear checks out the catnip mice
Look at all this cool stuff! Huggy Bear and I really liked the catnip fish and mice, and the red fuzzy balls!

A tin full of balls for the cats
Josie really liked the tin of balls too!

Maggie and the Catnip Stogie
And then there was the Catnip Stogie! This this is amazing! It is compressed catnip in the shape of a cigar. Maggie just couldn't contain herself. She licked it and put her stink on it so we all knew it was hers.

There was so much great stuff, including cat grass and Temptations, and even a treat for Mom and Dad! We've got more pictures over on our blog.

Thanks to all the cats at Cat in the Fridge for the great Secret Paws! We are having so much fun with all the awesome toys.

[Mom and Dad are being last-minute mailers this year -- so our Secret Paws package will go out tonight. Secret Paw, you are not forgotten...]

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