Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Furry Fun Am Mailed Part 2

The following tooks place yesterday late Afternoon (Tuesday the 10th around 4pm).

Joey: I see the problem Mom. Too much stuffoms in this lil box.  (Joey tries to pull the soft toys out and run off with them.)

Mom:  Oh no you don't... your new catnip toy is over here. (the Mom tosses Joey's toy into the hallway.  Joey runs after it)

Joey: But dat looked like my toy in da box...

Mom:  Cause yours is made the same... You're right about one thing, Joey,  This box is too small. Let's find another one.

Joey: Yes this box works much better.  Why am the wrapping paper blue and pink?

Mom:  Our Secret Paw likes those colors. Some of the gifts are blue and pink, too! I know the Dad sent some fun stuffs already, yet our box has some things made in the USA or only found here...

Joey:  What am in the pink kitty folder?

Mom: That's a secret. We're mailing two packages, Joey.  One in a box and one in a flat mailer... So our Secret Paw may get their packages from a different delivery or on different days... 

Joey: I hopes they get them by Chrissymouse or at least by Boxing Day... 
Mom:  Me Too.  The packages will get mailed as soon as we close the box.  They will go air mail since it is too much $$ to send Priority... but we live in a postal hub!  That means First Class goes on the same plane with Priority!  So the packages will still get to our Secret Paws country very quickly.

Joey:  They gots the Dad's package already didn't they?  
Mom:  I hope so, Joey....The Dad forgot to wrap his presents. Silly Dad. We haven't seen any posties about it on their bloggie though... Maybe they are waiting for Chrissymouse!

Joey: Well I still think that looks like my toy..

Mom:  Time to close the Box!!!!

Joey:  Aww Mom!!!  Okay  Bye Bye toys.  Have a Furry Safe Journey! 

Merry Christmas to all and God Bless us Evfurry One!

(Just a wee note:  while at the post office, the printed mailing slip for the box somehow disappeared. So the Mom wrote the address on the box by hand in order to get it off before the post office closed yesterday. Which means that a person at the postal hub may have to type in the address into the postal data center. We am purring that it doesn't delay the package.) 


  1. We don't blame Joey for trying to swipe that toy. Truffle swiped one of the bags of treats from our box before it was closed.

  2. oh yeah, well...ahem...I may have samples a feather or two or three on the stuff I sent to my harm done...