Monday, December 9, 2013

Almost Ready

Mum got in gear tonight and wrapped up the Secret Paw stuff. I, Ducky was nearby to snoopervise, but let mum have room to do her thing. I didn't want to get sticky tape on my paws.
 It fit so nice in the little box and then mum added some stuff to cushion it for the trip.
 We even have wrapping paper with ginger cats on it! How cool.
 The package, all ready to go, and mum furry wisely blocked the address that is on the package. Could it be you? You will have to see if our package comes to you. We just have to get mum to take it to the station.
Now we wait for our Secret Paw stuff to arrive. We can't wait to see who we got paired up with this year and what we got. We love doing this.


  1. Ohhh what fun! My Mom is such a loser! This is the second year she ordered from Nip and Bones and had THEM wrap it and mail it! Geeze! Love, Cody

  2. great wrap job Mom! A totally cool kat paper

  3. We got the lovely presents! Thank you so much! The boys love the toys. I will post pics soon. :)