Monday, December 16, 2013

Packing the Secret Paws Goodies

We were excited to shop for our secret paws recipients this year.  This is a blog we read often and feel we 'know' these cats :)  We hope they enjoy their presents! 
 Ollie and Georgie made sure the box was suitable..Ollie added his own personal touch to the corners of the box!
 Cousin Pirate checked out all the goods to see if they were of the highest quality for our friends...
 No need to fear...Ollie made sure the wrapping paper roll was good and dead!
Ollie helped with the wrapping of the gifts...
Ollie performing one final inspection before we take it to the packing store for shipping...
We can't wait to see what our kitties think of their goodies!  Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Happy Journey to your goodies and your Secret Paw will loves dem who ever day am. Dearest Ollie, you looks like me! Purrz, Lil Bear.

  2. how great it is that you know and love those kitties! Bet they will love your gifts!