Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Momma forgot to take pictures

We got our package all ready to mail and wrapped all of the fun presents on Sunday, but that silly Momma of ours forgot to take any pictures.  But, we can't be too unhappy with her - she did the shopping for us and she did take it to the post office and made sure it got sent "hurry and tell us when it gets there" mail.  We really hope that our friends like their presents and can't wait to see them open the box and everything in it!

Since we don't have a blog, we thought we'd share what we look like instead of the pictures that Momma didn't take.  Hope that's okay.

This is me - Charlemagne.  I'm the oldest of the three of us and I'm the big boy in the house.

I'm Tamar and I'm the princess of the house.  I like to cuddle with Momma and Daddy - when I want to, of course.

And I'm Mal.  I'm the youngest and the newest of the kitties.  Momma and Daddy rescued me about 3 years ago and I love them a lot!

We hope everyone is having fun getting ready for Christmas!

Charlemagne, Tamar and Mal


  1. Furry nice to meet you Charlemagne, Tamar and Mal. What a brilliant idea to show us what you look like. You are furry special to have such a good Mommy. I can tell you love her furry much. Purrz n Stuffs, Katie Kat.

  2. How nice to meet all of you. We're keeping our paws crossed that you'll start a blog so more people can get to know you.

  3. How furry nice to meet you all! paw hugs, Savannah