Monday, December 16, 2013

I Opened My Package!! I Opened My Package!!!

My package arrived about a week ago, but the Mean Human said I had to wait
until it was closer to Christmas.
Well, I said, TODAY is closer to Christmas, and do you know what?
She agreed that it was!
My Secret Paws package is from Angel Abby and Boo and Ping and Jinx and Gracie
(and, well, okay, their Mom Debra, too)!
Inside the package was a special card with Angel Abby's beauteous picture
and a nice note from all the Kitties (the Human says their Mom probably wrote it,
but I don't know....Angel Abby might have dictated it to Ping or sumfing,
and he might have figured out how to write it, right? He's pretty smart.)
There were some sweet notecards and a pretty bookmark. . .
but the Human said, No, they were not for me,
and to tell you the truth I was kind of relieved 
because honestly, they didn't really look like much fun.
Then she pulled out the rest of what was in the package . . .
and, Kitties, I almost swooned with joy!
I inspected these toys from every which way 
and proclaimed them fit for a King--
King ME in fact!

A huge, huge Thank You to all my furiends
at Manx Mnews!
You rock!
I'll be playing with my new toys till next Christmas XOXOXO


  1. SCORE!!!! We'll be right over to help you "store" all those toys UTB!

  2. Oh, look at all those toys! Those mousies are just begging to be whapped!

  3. What awesome toys - and in your favorite color!

  4. Spitty - you struck the mother load of mousies & chasy balls! The human was so nice to let you open your purrresent so soon. You are King of the mousies that's furr sure. Nothing like a fresh mouse every now & then to make you happy.

  5. Pawsome swag bag there. Enjoy. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Those look like they'll be a blast to bat around the house!

  7. Oh SPITTY! How wonderful! Angel Abby and the gang (and Mom Debra too) really know how to make a king happy! I''ll be over laters. What's that I hear? Oh, it's angel Admiral. She said SHE will be appearing UTB within the hour.Prepare. Hams, Half and Half and you.

  8. WOW Spitty - what great stuff you got from your Secret Paws!!! You have so many new things in those stockings you'll NEVER run out of surprises. YAY!

    Holiday Hugs, Sammy

  9. Excellent! We think That Woman may cave now and lettuce open ours!

    Ms Stella O Houligan

  10. Pawsome! Hey, um, Spitty ... do you need help playing with any of your new toys? Just askin'...

  11. oh what fabulous prezzies!!! YAY!! You sure do deserve them! Love, Cody

  12. Look at all those mousies! That is a great Secret Paw package.

  13. Wow Spitty!!! I can't believe the human let you open it already!! What fun...*dashes over to teleport tunnel to visit Spitty*

  14. Holy moly! Looks at all those meeces!

  15. You really seem to like those smousy toys. Don’t lose them all in the same place. MOL!

  16. What an awesome package to get for Christmas.
    Sue B

  17. Spitty you still have a surprise coming from Nip and Bones!

  18. Spitty! Wow! What a haul! Me will be right over to helps yous with those mousies!

  19. Excellent toys from the ManxMnews gang. Our Secret Paws came today, but our mom is also being mean. She says we may not open them until Christmas. They are from Silver Meow. They are all wrapped, and Mom dropped them in the bottom of some of our stockings. Can't believe we have to wait another week. BOO, HISS! Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo