Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Furry Fun am mailed Part One!

Me, Sammy in box n brother Toby when we waz litle
Weze am doing ours in two furry fun parts... One frum the Dad who am in the same country as our Secret Paw and one package from all us kittiez and the Mom in America!  If we tells where the Dad am, it might give away who our Secret Paw am...

Well part one frum the Dad am mailed on Monday but the mom furgotted to tell the dad purrson about taking a photo...

He doesn't has a camera...sooo... weze tellz u dats der am fun stuffoms init.... sum treetz and Soft Toys Fur Whoppin (dis am clue)!!  The Dad said sumpin waz pink or blue but he dint send us a photo...

More fun in the postie about Mom's mailing...

Purrz frum Sir Sammy Purrzalot
at Katiez Furry Mewz


  1. Want to play We may be in already but sent an email

    1. We wish it wasn't too late, but all the kitties have already been matched up. Hopefully you can join us next year.

  2. Ours hopefully was already mailed! :)

  3. My peep forgot to take a picture, too. Somethin' about rushin' to get to the mail in time. MOUSES! Luckily for me... I have a plan.