Monday, December 9, 2013

Parcel on its' way!

 Malou , " I'm watching LP getting the Santa Paws parcel together. I have a toy in my lap that was given to us last year in our surprise Christmas parcel. I still love it! "

 Malou, " I stomped around in the box a bit to make sure it all fit in properly. I might have torn a tiny little bit of wrapping paper on one of the presents in the process. Oopsies!"

 Malou , " LP put the last present on top of all the rest, then pushed down on the box top and taped it all up!"

Malou , " I hope our new friends will like all their surprises!"


  1. ohhhhhh another hint! This is going to multiple kitties I bet because you said "friends!" Can't wait to see who they are!

  2. why this could not have been done without YOU Malou!