Monday, December 9, 2013

Waiting (Not So Patiently)

Do I look impatient? It's because I am!
You see, Mommy and I have our Secret Paw gifts all set to go except for ONE item that we're waiting for our local drug store to get back in stock. They've assured us it will be back in before Christmas but my friends are waiting for their package!!! (Plus, Mommy said I'll be getting this gift too... teehee!)
Sigh...I sure hope my Secret Paw is more patient than I am.
Love, Truffles


  1. another kitty that said "friends" bet it is multiple kitties!

  2. geez - backorders can be such a pain

  3. We're sure your Secret Paw recipients will be thrilled with anything you send.

  4. OMC!! Get the drug store on this STAT!!