Friday, December 13, 2013

Special Delivery From the North Pole!

A funny little human in a red suit stopped by the condo earlier this week and left a bunch of gifts. Before I could grab them, TW noticed a mistake had been made. They were meant to go to other kitties at another address. Gasp! How could he have made such a gaffe?

It’s not your eyes. The contents has been blurred on purpose.
We opened the box and noticed nothing was wrapped. TW is a terrible gift wrapper so I decided to snoopervise. I made sure she used plenty of the things that we kities love—tissue paper and bows—and put it all in a nice size box. I hope it’ll pass some kitties’ inspection when their package arrives Monday. It won’t be from the North Pole, but it was sent with love and care.

Great bow! It passes my inspection.
This wasn’t the only mistake Santa made, apparently. I received a box Tuesday that TW said was from my Secret Paws. She said I couldn’t open it until Christmas Eve. That’s like a light year away! Thanks anyway to my Secret Paws.


  1. How nice that you sent that package on to those kitties it was for. And CK, we got our Secret Paws package the other day and the mom says we can't open it yet either. So you are not alone....

  2. Ohhhh CK, TW is MEAN!! You should open those now!

  3. we are glad you are sending that box on and that your box showed up